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Bird A Day offers a personal challenge that will cause you to see and enjoy more birds this year than you might if you don't participate. The challenge is to see how many days in a row you can see/hear a different species to add to your personal list. This website helps you track your effort and allows you to share how you are doing with others as they do the same. more info.....

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What is Bird A Day

It is a great activity to get you out of the house and enjoy birds and their habitat. This website is here to assist you in your efforts to see or hear a different bird every day.

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2015 Birders Observations - (81) Birders

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Site Status

New Year - New Theme

"Make Birding Great Again" - Bill Boeringer the Theme Master for Bird A Day said to me when I asked if he had any ideas for a theme. It really can only be one thing, "Make Birding Great Again". So here we are in 2017 staring down a Trumpeter swan reminding us every day to Make Birding Great Again. So this year do something to support your birding community. Guide some young birders, speak at a birding meeting, donate to your favorite birding cause. We here at Bird A Day (Me) are doing all we can to make birding great again through the Bird A Day website. Happy New Year!.

Birding Rocks- as do all of you who have participated in Bird A Day past years.

Congrats to the 2015 Champions

Peter Valentine - 365 Days - Queensland Australia

Nina Rach - 365 Days - Texas USA

Phil Stouffer - 365 Days - Kilimanjaro-Tanzania

Simon Thompson - 365 Days - North Carolina-USA

2014 Champions

Brian Johnson - 365 Days - Completed the Year!
Queensland Australia

2013 Champions

Brennan Mulrooney - 365 Days + 366 Days in 2012
San Diego County, California
Wildlife and fisheries biology major at UC Davis
Guide for 
VENT Birding Tours

Vincent Lucas - 365 Days + 366 Days in 2012
Collier County, Florida USA
Avid Birder and also into bugs.

Tom Rauch -365 Days
St. Louis Count, Missouri
Great Job from what would seem a difficult location.

Susan Foster - 365 Days
Aransas County Texas
High School English Teacher
Aransas Bird and Nature Club

David M. Taggart aka. - Mark Catesby - 365 Days
Monterey, Califonia
Awesome Job!

Alan Gillanders - 352 Days
Queensland, Australia
Alans Wildlife Tours

305 Days - Roberto Torres - Florida
294 Days - John Kooistra  -QLD-Australia Blog
282 Days - Chris Takacs - New Jersey
261 Days - Rob Fanning - New Jersey
254 Days - Stephen Murray -QLD-Australia
253 Days - Nina Rach -Texas
240 Days - Todd Frantz - New Jersey

2009 Champion Tad Finnel - 365 Days

Tad saw every bird in the state of Texas

Congrats to all who have played along, no matter how deep into the year you made it. Get a few more of your birding friends to participate and do it again. You have to admit, its crazy FUN!

Razorbills on Miami Beach!

I still plan to upgrade areas of the website. Several other suggestions have been made that would enhance the site.
Fortunately I have been busy with work recently.... a good thing.... so I haven't had as much time as I would like to work on these things, but I hope to get them done soon.

Thank you so much for participating.

You all have been great application testers. Thanks to you all....  If you have any problems please contact Me: Trey -
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